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A new book has just been published that will be of interest to all visitors to this web site. The title of the book is


The Editors are Karen B. Helle and Dominique Aunis, two pioneers in the discovery of chromogranins and the ongoing search for the role of chromogranins in biology. The list of contributors is a "Who's Who" in this exciting field.

This book is Volume 482 in the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology series published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. The ISBN is 0-306-46446-2


The recent (October 2000) issue of Molecular Endocrinology had a cover provided by Sushil Mahata and his collegues at the University of California, San Diego. This figure beautifully illustrates an auto-feedback system of adrenal chromaffin cells. For your own digital copy of this figure, you can scan in the cover, or grab this figure:

You can link to their article by clicking here.


A recent paper describes cell-free exocytosis in a system derived rom PC12 cells. PC12 cells are chromaffin cells that are cultured from a tumor (pheochromocytoma) of the rat adrenal medulla. To read this exciting paper, click here.

For a hot paper on the role of proteins in secretion from chromaffin cells, click here.

Another recent paper offers interesting information on the role of calcium and sodium ions in regulationg secretion from chromaffin cells. You can check out this Hot Topic by clicking here.

A lab site where calcium pulses in chromaffin cells are monitored can be found by clicking here.

For a link to a laboratory in Germany that studies chromaffin cells, including chromaffin cells in the gut (enterochromaffin cells), click here.

A Hot Topic you can explore is:


Another Hot Topic you can link to are protocols that are used in the laboratory of

Dan O'Connor at the University of California, San Diego

Some interesting papers from "down under" (Bruce Livitt's lab in Melbourne, Australia) can be found






or here


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