Posters and Expanded Posters

Poster size should not exceed 1 m wide (40") x 1,60 m height (64"). Poster will be displayed along the meeting. Space for mounting will be available from 3 pm of Saturday 20. Posters should be retired on Thursday 25 before 5 pm.
All poster presenters are requested to bring 1-2 slides (either transparencies or Power point) for the poster session. This talk must not exceed 5 min. They should contact the chair person of the session with enough anticipation in order to pass the slides to a single computer and to receive instructions from him/her.
We will supply the proper attachment material.
Free time for posters view has been left during the 1-h coffee and the 2-h lunch breaks.

Expanded posters
This new initiative pretends to take advantage of the use of portable computers to present movies, images or programs for analysis. It will also serve the researchers to bring small parts of their equipment (perfusion chambers, electrode housing, heating elements and so on). If you wish to present your poster as expanded poster please contact as soon as possible in order to indicate your requirements.

Poster Sessions
Please bring 1-2 transparencies or Power Point slides with you for the poster discussion. Poster Discussion will be divided in 8 thematic sessions on the evenings of Sunday 21 and Monday 22.

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