Preparing your contribution to the 12-ISCCB Proceedings Book.
Cell Biology of the Chromaffin Cell 2004
Luis Gandía Juan and Ricardo Borges
Fundación Teófilo Hernando

     We will publish a Book from our meeting. Past experiences (Karen Helle & Dominique Aunis, Dan O'Connor & Lee Eiden) have demonstrate how difficult results find an editor to produce a book for a limited public like chromogranin or chromaffin cell fields. In addition, the purchase of these very interesting books is out of the possibilities of young scientists. We want to take the advantages of the electronic edition in order to produce the book soon after the meeting. In addition the Fundación Teófilo Hernando will publish a limited number of hard copies. The e-book will be available in the web 1-2 months after the dead line of submission. You can place color photographs and graphic the space limit might be extended by 30%. We are also considering the possibility of introduce links to references or having the possibility of introduce supplementary material like movies.
     Anybody would download it from the 12ISCCB web as a pfd file at a very low price. Our plan is that the final cost will be around 10 € / $.
     To get the guidelines for authors please dowload the folowing pdf. file: PDF book.pdf 
     An example pdf. file: Camacho.pdf 
     You can write to Dr. Luis Gandía (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) for further information.
The dead line for Proceedings' submission will be October 31, 2003


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