12 International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology
Hotel Taburiente. Playa de Los Cancajos
La Palma. Canary Islands. Spain
20-25 September 2003

Organizer: Ricardo Borges. Univ. La Laguna. Spain.
Phone: +34 922-319346; Fax: +34 922-655995

Email: isccb12@ull.es

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Saturday 20.
Registration. 12-ISCCB Office. Salón Los Tilos, Hotel Taburiente.
18:00  Welcome concert. Teatro Chico, Santa Cruz de La Palma
Benito Cabrera & Cuarteto Capriccio
19:30  Guided visit: Santa Cruz de La Palma

Reception. Major House, Santa Cruz de La Palma

Sunday 21.

12 ISCCB office opens


First Plenary Talk
Chair: Marie-France Bader

  * Tullio Pozzan: Ca2+ signalling: novel methodologies and novel concepts

Early morning session: Calcium Channels
Chair: Marie-France Bader

  * Aaron Fox: New ways of regulating already well regulated voltage-dependent calcium channels
* Emilio Carbone: Modulation of L-channel gating by neurotransmitters: an effective system to regulate ion channels expression and exocytosis in chromaffin cells
Coffee Break & Posters view

Late morning session: Receptors and ionic movements
Chair: Daniel T. O’Connor

  * Andrea Nistri: Modulation of neuronal nicotinic receptors after chronic exposure to agonists or antagonist
* Manuel Criado: The Ric-3 protein: an effector of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression

* Toshihiko Yanagita: Up- and down-regulation of cell surface sodium channel by intracellular signals and therapeutic drugs
* Lung-Sen Kao: Co-presence of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger and Na+/Ca2++K+ exchanger in the bovine chromaffin cells
13:00 Lunch & posters view

Poster discussion sessions 1-4

  Werner De Potter (Session #1)
Ron Holz (Session #2)
Humberto Viveros (Session #3)
Antonio García (Session #4)

W & B clubs


Catecolamine Synthesis: New insights on catecholamine synthesis

Animator: Dona Wong
    * Elaine Lewis: Transcriptional control of dopamine Hydroxylase
* Dona Wong;: Transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of phenylethanolamine N-methyl transferase

Exocytosis: Modulation of exocytosis by exogenus and endogenus factors

Animators: Remco Westerink & Luis Gandía
    * Colin Rickman: Synaptotagmin and the three SNAREs: once upon a time
* Emilio Carbone: Ca chanel modulation and secretion from rat chromaffin cells
* Luis Gandía: Modulation of catecholamine release by calcium stores
* Remco Westerink: Modulation of exocytosis by heavy metals and environmental pollutants
* Frederic Doussau: Rac and PLD are implicated in the priming of release sites at Aplysia cholinergic synapses
* Uri Ashrey: The molecules that drive vesicle fusion
* Robert Burgoyne: Regulation of calcium signals in chromaffin and PC12 cells by neuronal calcium binding proteins
* Robert Chow: .......
* Elizabeth Seward: .....
* Roland Staal: ....
19:00 Free time & dinner
Monday 22.

12 ISCCB office opens


Second Plenary Talk
Chair: Alan Morgan

  * Y. Peng Loh: Regulation of secretory granule biogenesis

Early morning session: Chromogranins
Chair: Alan Morgan

  * Daniel O’Connor: New genomic approaches to human catecholamine storage vesicle physiology
* Reiner Fischer-Colbrie: Functional aspects of chromogranins
10:30 Coffee Break & Posters view

Late morning session: Chromaffin granules
Chair: Lung-Sen Kao

  * José María Trifaró: Scinderin: a molecular switch in the control of chromaffin cell secretion
* Marie Helene Metz-Boutigue: Study of new antimicrobial peptides in chromaffin granules from bovine adrenal medulla : new aspects of innate immunity

* Antonio G. García: Calcium and vesicle dynamics in the bovine chromaffin cell
* Robert Chow: Kinetics of exocytosis differ markedly in chromaffin and insulin granules expressing the same lumenal fluorescent protein
13:00 Lunch & posters view

Poster discussion sessions 5-8

  Allan Schneider (Session #5)
Ed Westhead (Session #6)
Karen Helle (Session #7)
Harvey Pollard (Session #8)

W & B clubs


Friends of Cg A-derived peptides: Funtional overview of vasostatins, pancreastatin and parastatin

Animators: Karen B. Helle & Sushil K. Mahata
    * Maurizio Mandala: Cg A peptides on mast cells, blood platelets, endothelial and smooth muscle cells
* Bruno Tota: Vasostatins and vasostatin peptides as inhibitors of myocardial inotropy in rat, frog and eel
* Brigitte Fasciotto: The N-terminus of parastatin (catestatin) as inhibitor of PTH release in the pig
* Sushil K. Mahata: Catestatin mutants and hypertension
* Marie-Helene Metz-Boutigue: Catestatin as a multifunctional peptide for autocrine, paracrine/endocrine actions and antimicrobial activity
* Victor Sanchez-Margalet: News of pancreastatin

Cytoskeleton: Chromaffin cell cytoskeleton tales: barriers, carriers and rails

Animators: Luis Miguel Gutiérrez & José María Trifaró
    * Francois Darchen: Rab 27 A and its effector MyRIP link secretory granules to F-actin and control their motion near release sites
* Stephane Gasman: A role for cdc42/N-WASP-induced actin filament at the exocytosic sites
* José María Trifaró: Myosin V a motor protein involved in secretion
* Luis Miguel Gutiérrez: Myosin II role in vesicle transport and exocytosis
19:00 Free time & dinner
Tuesday 23.

12 ISCCB office opens


Third Plenary Talk
Chair: Andrea Nistri;

  * Erwin Neher: Exploring catecholamine release at single chromaffin cells with rapid techniques
9:30 Excursion & lunch

Workshop: Advances in cell culture techniques for chromaffin cells and related cell types (PC12 cells and enterochromaffin cells)

Organizer: Bruce Livett & Ricardo Borges
    * Bruce Livett & Ricardo Borges: Advances in cell culture for chromaffin cell and related cell types
* Manuela García López: Experience in cell culture of chromaffin cells from human, mice and rat
* José María Trifaró: Labelling catecholamine stores in chromaffin cells in culture
* Jakob Sørensen: A strategy for structure-function studies of exocytotic proteins using chromaffin cells from knockout mice and viral rescue techniques
* Juan Antonio Gilabert: Necessary conditions to maintain rat adrenal chromaffin cells in primary culture
* Arthur Tischler: Culturing pheochromocytoma cells
* Christian Prinz: The art of culturing enterochromaffin cells

Wednesday 24.

12 ISCCB office opens


Fourth Plenary Talk
Chair: Kurt Rosenheck

  * Angelo Corti: Chromogranin A in tumor and vascular biology

Early morning session: Exocytosis
Chair: Kurt Rosenheck

  * Christian Rosenmund:Regulation of timing and efficacy of neurotransmitter release by the core complex associated protein complexin
* Manfred Lindau: Loading, fusion and release of chromaffin granules
10:30 Coffee Break & Posters view

Late morning session: Exocytosis
Chair: David Apps

  * Ronald Holz: Biochemical and optical studies of exocytosis and secretory granule dynamics
* Guillermo Álvarez de Toledo: How the granule matrix controls the release of amines
* Marie France Bader: Lipids at exocytotic sites: how and why?
* Robert Burgoyne: Munc-18 and the regulation of exocytosis
13:00 Lunch & posters view
IAB Biannual Meeting

Workshop: Genomics, Proteomics and Peptidomics of the Secretory Pathway

Organizers: Lee Eiden and Youssef Anouar
    * Youssef Anouar: Genomics and proteomics of the chromaffin cell: characterization of cell differentiation and chromogranin peptide formation
* Jean Lee: Proteomic studies of the chromaffin granule demonstrates novel proteolytic processing mechanisms for chromogranins and proenkephalin by secretory vesicle cathepsin l
* Chris Shaw: Chromogranin peptidomics: functional fingerprints of secretory proteins in tissue and plasma
* John Haycock: Phosphoproteomics of signal transduction regulating catecholamine biosynthesis
* Lee Eiden: Proteomics, genomics and peptidomics of the chromaffin cell--where do we stand in 2003?


The Peter F. Baker Award for Chromaffin Young Researchers
Chairs: Erwin Neher and Derek Knight

  * Conference by the winner

Animateur: Harvey Pollard    Here we're

Thursday 25.

12 ISCCB office opens


Fifth Plenary Talk
Chair: Ana María Cárdenas

  * Susan Amara: Biogenic amine transport: the ins and outs of neurotransmitters

Early morning session: New technologies
Chair: Ana María Cárdenas

  * Kevin Gillis: Microchip technology for amperometric detection of quantal catecholamine secretion from chromaffin cells
* Jan C. Behrends: Patch clamping in planar geometry: the potential for higher throughput and combined experiments
10:30 Coffee Break & Posters view

Late morning session: New technologies
Chair: Antonio R. Artalejo

  * Eugene Mosharov: Intracellular patch electrochemistry as a tool to measure free cytosolic catechols and catecholamines
* Christian Prinz: Enterochromaffin cells in the gut: lessons from the past; questions for the future
* Carlos Villalobos: Bioluminescence imaging: a new tool for monitoring subcellular calcium and transcriptional dynamics in excitable cells
* Akira Warashina: A chromaffin cell model to simulate calcium dynamics and secretory responses in various conditions
13:00 Lunch & posters removal

Summing up & introducing the 13th ISCCB in Valparaíso (Chile) 2005

  * Ana María Cárdenas

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