Social events:
     All social events are included in the registration fee.

     Welcome concert: Benito Cabrera and the Cuarteto Capriccio will offer a concert at the Teatro Chico. He is the most representative soloist of the Timple. The timple is a small string instrument used in the folk music of the canary people. It is similar to the ukulele, guitarriño or cuatro. Benito Cabrera introduced it as a soloist instruments of symphonic orchestra and to new tendencies of fusion music.

     Welcome reception: This is an invitation of the Major of the town of Santa Cruz de La Palma. He will receive us in one of the typical old mansions. This beautiful village offers an unique view of the Spanish colonial style very well conserved to date. Santa Cruz has fantastic views either day and night to escape for a walk or to have a meal or a drink in any of the celebrated cafes and restaurants.

     Excursions: On Tuesday 23  is programmed an excursion to the north and mounts of the island. We will visit the international observatory of the 'Roque de Los Muchachos'. At the time of this visit it will have the world largest optical telescope  -Gran Tecan-. We also see the National Park of 'La Caldera de Taburiente'. We will also see the banana plantations, forest of 'laurisilva' and the beautiful small villages and cottages.

     Excursions exclusively for accompanying persons: We are organizing for accompanying persons a guided excursion to the south of the island that includes a walk over the sands of the volcanoes of Fuencaliente 'San Antonio' and 'Teneguía' as well as the beaches of black sand and a visit a typical wine vaults and handcraft shops.

     Banquet: It will take place on wednesday 24 evening. Harvey Pollard is in charge of the dinner speech!! we are sure that he will produce a glorious remembrance for the attendants.

     Meals for both registrants and accompanying persons (except Sunday and Monday dinners) are included with the hotel registration.

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