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Friends of CgA-derived peptides
Karen B. Helle & Sushil K. Mahata invite you to spend a couple of hours with us with the topic:
Functional overview of vasostatins, pancreastatin, WE14, catestatin and parastatin.
Science tellers:
Mandala: CgA peptides on mast cells, blood platelets, endothelial and smooth muscle cells
Bruno Tota: Vasostatins and vasostatin peptides as inhibitors of myocardial inotropy in frog and eel
Fasciotto: The N-terminus of parastatin (catestatin) as inhibitor of PTH release in the pig
Sushil K. Mahata: Catestatin mutants and hypertension
Helene Metz-Boutigue: Catestatin as a multifunctional peptide for autocrine, paracrine/endocrine actions and antimicrobial activity
Victor Sánchez-Margalet: News of pancreastatin

You too would be here!Please contact us
Karen B. Helle
Sushil K. Mahata


Catecholamine Synthesis W&BC
Dona Wong invites you to talk about the topic:
New insights on catecholamine synthesis.
Science tellers:
Elaine Lewis: Transcriptional control of dopamine beta-hydroxylase 
Dona Wong: Transcriptional and post-transcriptional control of phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase 

You too would be here!Please contact with
Dona Wong


Exocytosis W&BC
Remco Westerink and Luis Gandía invite you to join us spending a few hours on:
Modulation of exocytosis by exogenous and endogenous factors.
Science tellers:
Colin Rickman: Synaptotagmin and the three SNAREs: once upon a time... 
Emilio Carbone: Ca2+ channel modulation and secretion from rat chromaffin cells 
Luis Gandía: Modulation of catecholamine release by calcium stores 
Remco Westerink: Modulation of exocytosis by heavy metals and environmental pollutants
Frederic Doussau:Rac and PLD are implicated in the priming of release sites at Aplysia cholinergic synapses
Uri Ashery:The molecules that drive vesicle fusion
Robert Burgoyne:Regulation of calcium signals in chromaffin and PC12 cells by neuronal calcium binding proteins
Robert Chow:....
Roland Staal:....
Elizabeth Seward:...

You too would be here!Please contact with
Remco Westerink
Luis Gandía


Cytoskeleton W&BC
Luis Miguel Gutiérrez y José María Trifaró will be delighted if you participate in this wet session on:
Chromaffin cell cytoskeleton tales: barriers, carriers and rails
Science tellers:
Francois Darchen: Rab27A and its effector MyRIP link secretory granules to F-actin and control their motion near release sites.
Stephane Gasman:  A role for cdc42/N-WASP-induced actin filament at the exocytotic sites
Jose Maria Trifaró: Myosin V a motor protein involved in secretion
Luis M. Gutiérrez: Myosin II role in vesicle transport and exocytosis

You are also invited!!Please contact with
Luis Miguel Gutiérrez
José María Trifaró


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