How organize a 'Wine and Beer Club'...

     The ISCCB's have been always a very informal forum to discuss about science, a place to find people with whom one want to develop new ideas and interchange knowledge. It is also a perfect occasion for young researchers for looking for a postdoct position or to establish new collaboration.
     During the Coolfont meeting a nice experience occurred spontaneously when many people organized small meetings in the cottages of the resort. In La Palma we will not have cottages for that but the idea taken from Coolfont of organize these meetings has originated the W&B Clubs.
     Imagine that you want to talk about new methods for the study of granule sorting. Then you write us and we put your idea in the web. Depending on the number of people interested we will facilitate you a room, white board or an overhead projector. We will also provide you wine and beer (also soft drinks) for the event.
     Think about, we have leave free slots in the 12-ISCCB schedule for W&B Clubs on sunday 21 and monday 22 (from 17h).
     Please write us your suggestions Click here

Wine & Beer Clubs Proposed

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